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Then vs. Now
Above: The Buck Family, Easter 1951. Front row: Ron, Sis. Middle row: Tucker, Author
Above: Easter, circa 1951 at poss age 8 at Aunt's house, Tucker, Billy, Author.
Above: The Great Fire, American St., Jan 1952
Above: Kitchen at 2nd St. apartment, circa 1952. (L-R) Ron, Sis, Author, Tucker.
Above: Author's father at work in the tap room, circa New Years, 1953.
Above: The author at Norris Sq Park near Miller Elementary School, fall 1952.
Above: Buck siblings at Easter 1953. Front row: Sis, Ron. Back row: (L-R) Tucker, Author.
Above: Ron and Fred on 2nd St., outside Fred's Grocery, 1953
Above: Luncheonette counter at Fred's Grocery, 1956: (L-R) Rose, Fred, Author, Ralph
Above: Across the street from the Letterly St house, spring 1960. Front row (L-R) Ron, Joey; back row (L-R) Sis, Kathy, Author.
Above: Author's 1956 Ford in front of the Letterly St. house, March 1961.
Above: Mom Buck at the Letterly St. house, 1961.
Above: Letterly St. (L-R) Author's Mom, Author, Sis, June 1961
Above: Author's 1956 Ford (foreground) viewed from Letterly St. house, winter 1960-61.
Above: Looking south on 2nd St toward York St, 2008
Above: Pomerantz' corner drug store now an empty lot on SE corner of 2nd and Cumberland Sts., 2008.
Above: Van parked in empty lot at former location of Fred's Grocery on 2nd St, 2008
Above: The Buck's 2nd St. apartment house is now an empty lot, 2008
Above: In 2008, a new, smaller building on site of Great Fire of 1952.
Above: Former location of Tap Room at 2nd and York Sts., 2008
Above: The author at Norris Sq Park near former location of Miller Elementary School, fall 2008.
Above: American St. in 2008; the railroad and most industries have moved on.
Above: Former location of Brother Rose's Presbyterian Mission at 2nd and York Sts. Bldg has been replaced with an almost exact replica, 2008.
Above: Benjamin Franklin Bridge still open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic, 2008.
Above: Huge milk bottle symbol of Harbison Dairy on the roof of their Kensington building; now rusting, 2008.
Above: Author's former 3rd St. home now an empty lot.
Above: Hewson St. in Fishtown, NE Philly, 2008
Above: The Buck's Hewson St. home was demolished and is now a garage, 2008
Above: Letterly St, looking west from Cedar, 2008.
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